Crossbar Hotel

CROSSBAR HOTEL is a collection of prison oriented, rhymed poems from the writings of local poet and author, Eugene Shea. The poetry is of prisons and jails, jailers andjailbirds, or candidates for prison and escapees from prison; the tribulations of those locked up and the trials of those who kept them under lock and key in years of long past.

Several of the poems are from each of two previous full length books of rhymed poetry by the same author, ANTIDOTE FOR CABIN FEVER, and WHEN THE MAGPIE SINGS. Both were published by Colonial Press and currently are on sale in this area.  Several others are new poems, first time published in this chapbook.

Mr .Shea was employed for several years during the Sixties as Captain of Guards, followed by several more years as an instructor in the school system at the old Wyoming State Penitentiary. This small prison which once housed Butch Cassidy and occasionally Bill Carlisle, the last of the horseback train robbers, is now a museum and tourist attraction. Shea spent seventeen years "behind the walls" of this prison working with or in close contact with the inmate population at that time.

Mr .Shea is now retired and lives at Hanna, Wyoming, a small town about forty miles east of Rawlins.

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