Gift Shop

The cell block changed little since 1901.

Hot water was not available in the cells until 1978.

Check out our top four best selling books...

The Old Pen Gift Shop is located inside the Wyoming Frontier Prison (the Old Pen) and is operated by the non-profit group the Friends of the Old Pen. All proceeds from the shop go towards the historic preservation of the Wyoming Frontier Prison.

The Gift Shop specializes in selling items related to the Old Pen’s history; books featuring the Old Pen and Western History, clothing, postcards, art work, Wyoming made products, and many other gift items.  The Shop also features T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, spoons, shot glasses, mugs, and other items with the Old Pen’s logo on them. The shop sells a wide variety of children’s toys and books.

Our top selling book is an anonymous prisoner’s diary called The Sweet Smell of Sagebrush. This book chronicles William Stanley Hudson’s four terms in the Wyoming State Penitentiary from 1903-1912. The Gift Shop sells other books related to the Old Pen’s History, including Savory Recipes by Unsavory Characters, which is a cookbook, The Cross Bar Hotel a book of poetry written by a former Captain of the Guard, and a book about the female inmates of the Old Pen entitled Petticoat Prisoners.

If you are interesting in purchasing anything from the Old Pen Gift Shop, just E-mail us, drop us a line at Old Pen Gift Shop at 500 West Walnut Street Rawlins, Wyoming 82301, or call us at 307-328-4004.

Or better yet, stop by and do some time with us at the Wyoming Frontier Prison.

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