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Friends of the Old Pen Inc. is a non-profit corporation formed to help preserve, develop and promote the Wyoming Frontier Prison.

  • Family Membership - $15
  • Individual Membership - $10
  • Special Memberships:

    • Inmate - $50
    • Trusty - $100
    • Guard - $250
    • Assistant Warden - $500
    • Warden - $1,000

    The full season is from Memorial Day through Labor Day when tours are offered daily from 8:30 to 4:30, every hour on the half hour, 7 days a week. There is a limited season from April through Memorial Day, and Labor Day through October 31.  Tours are offered by appointment only November through March.  Family tour tickets are available, as well as individual tour tickets.

    The tour includes all the cell blocks of the Old Pen, the area used for solitary confinement, the kitchen, yard, gallows, gas chamber, hospital, and chapel. The tours are entertaining as well as historical, including stories of specific prisoners previously housed in the Wyoming Frontier Prison.

  • Learn about the prisoner who spent more than 40 years in the prison and, upon his parole, was given a sack lunch, a set of clothes and $15.  The former prisoner sat on the front lawn of the prison, ate his sack lunch and then knocked on the door and asked to be let back in.
  • Or the prisoner who escaped and attacked the “cookie lady” who spent her time baking treats for the prisoners. Upon his recapture the outraged prisoners promptly lynched him.
  • Unearth the story of the tunnel, dug patiently and diligently at night, with the dirt stored in the ceiling above death row, until the diggers struck the gas line...
  • Hear about the Lone Bandit who robbed wealthy bankers but left women and children alone. He acquired a job inside the prison and shipped himself to a train station inside a box of shirts, whereupon he promptly robbed the train.
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